Your Complete Hazardous Drugs Database

No more searching through multiple documents to find information on hazardous drugs. Introducing NanoRef HD - a new and improved way to navigate and gather clinical information on HDs found in the 2016 NIOSH List.

The Most Comprehensive HD Database

All the information on hazardous drugs your practice needs is now in a single database. Cross-referenced across multiple points, NanoRef HD offers a wealth of general and clinical information on every NIOSH-classified HD to save you time and energy.

Enhance Safety & Compliance Metrics

NanoRef HD includes extensive clinical information including health and toxicity references. Now more than ever, you can make more informed descisions about how your practice uses hazardous drugs.

Hazardous Drug Risk Assessments

With complete profiles of over 200 hazardous drugs, NanoRef HD allows users to quickly create assessments of risk required for alternative safety and containment strategies.

Calibrate Your HD Compliance Program

Handling hazardous drugs requires a detailed approach to the processes in your workflow. Take a granular look at your processes with Workflow Valid8 and implement compliance verification exactly where you need it.

Ultimate Control of Your Workflow

Workflow Valid8 allows users in any healthcare setting to design workflow processes around their specific needs. Our customization capabilities allow you to hone in on your critical steps to ensure your data is captured.

Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Wtih complete control of your HD workflow, take the data you track and generate customized reports. Take a true look at your practice by analyzing your data across a variety of key relationships.

Compliance-Based Metrics

Boost performance when it comes to compliance by measuring the metrics that matter. Use your track record to expedite accreditation, breeze through inspections and position your company for excellence.

Transform Your Training Model

Everything required for hazardous drugs training is now in one simple dashboard. My 800 team allows you organize, customize, generate and track your HD training program. Take control of your practice and rest assured you’ve got it all covered.

Streamline With Web-Based Training

Gain access to a wide variety of training media, from training documents to short guides to high-definition video; the breadth and quality of our content is unmatched. Choose and assign exactly which content is required for your team.

Superior Visibility Through Custom Reporting

My 800 Team dashboard allows users and supervisors to track training skills and development. Supervisors can track and generate reports on content, groups and individual users to ensure all requirements are being met.

Automate and Schedule Precise Training Modules

Customize training requirements based on an individual’s role or department, and schedule each training assignment whenever it’s required. Set preferences for notifications on upcoming, incomplete, or overdue training lessons as you like.

e-Docs Designed for Agility

Compliance e-Dock covers every aspect of USP <800> that requires documentation. Packed with features, you can now create the HD documentation system you need - without the headache.

Complete Customization of Your SOPs

Created around best practices and USP <800> standards, our policies and procedures are written with years of knowledge and experience in the industry. Choose to adopt them or fine-tune SOPs to your specific operational needs.

Monitor Your Compliance with e-Gap Analysis

Use tools like e-Gap Analysis to detect poteitnal areas that need correction. Customize the tool to your practice and use as often as needed. Your progress is tracked and can be reported for inspections or accreditations.

Gain Clarity on Regs with USP <800> by Topic

Your e-Dock comes loaded with USP <800> by Topic and offers a clear and succinct breakdown of every requirement in the chapter. Complete with easy-to-understand language and diagrams, use as training requirement or for comprehension.