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Go to and sign up by registering an account with us, we use a secure two-factor encrypted process to ensure your information is protected.

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Log On From Anywhere, our web-based app is versatile and powerful. No need to download anything, simply log in from any device, anywhere. Our app can be easily used on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer.


Search by drug name or brand, pregnancy category or NIOSH group, or try our advanced search. Your first 30 days comes with a free trial of our premium content so you can try out all of our powerful features.

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Once you've fallen in love with our premium features, upgrade to a premium member after the trial period is over. This will ensure you always have fast access to all clinical content and complete unrestricted access to the data you need.

Cloud-Based App Suite

My USP 800's Secure, Lightning-Fast Delivery System

Data Storage

As you use My USP 800, your data is secure with multiple encryption layers while being sent to the cloud. Using your account is the only way your data can be accessed and viewed.

Cloud Security

The cloud contains all our customers' data and is protected with multiple security features to ensure sensitive company information remains secure.

Data Transfer

An advantage of delivering our services using a cloud means you get a lightning fast user experience - no complicated software installation required.